Sound Engineering (Audio-Visual Professional)

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About Course

Music Studio equipment. Music Studio Basics. Music Studio Budgets Music studio standard.


This course is the MBA of Professional Sound and Video production, recording and broadcast..
The course will teach you the art, science and concept of audio-visual setup, operation and management.
And it also encompasses, Church audio visual setup, events Sound and broadcast setup, Multiple public address system.

What Will I Learn?

  • Music Entrepreneurship
  • Music Company setup
  • Music Studio Setup

Topics for this course

6h 49m 23s

Introduction to Sound engineering.?

What is a Music Studio

Music Studio Equipment.?

What equipment are necessary and compulsory.

Setting up to budget.?

Working to Budget.

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Material Includes

  • Course e-textbook.
  • Customised Tee shirt.
  • Customised cap.


  • Basic knowledge of Music
  • An ear for good music (or you employ one who have)

Target Audience

  • Young entrepreneur.
  • Persons or Company CEO looking for viable investment.
  • Companies seeking diversification
  • Aspiring Musician / Artist
  • Retiree seeking investment options.