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Mrs Badmus — Founder & CEO.

The Music industry has always been a star studded and a wealth spinner for all category of players as well as a wide career field to build a living and a name.

Unfortunately, it has largely been playedin fits of trial and error, where there are scarce number of sustained success and lasting fame.

With our array of cources, we at M & E Music Company have been building a crowd of professional Music Experts, to sanitise the industry, for professional conducts, practice and to harness the  maximum potential of the industry and talent pool.

You can save yourself of years or blunder and miss shots.
Taking one or two of ou classes, will inbued you with up-to-date knowledge of the Music industry and best practice.

We are simply, the guardian of the Music Industry.

At M & E Music Company, our faculty are staffed with praticing top rated Music experts.

Who had over the years been raining a generation of Music Professionals.

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What Our Students Have to Say

M & E Music school was my visa into the Music industry, from my corporate career as an accountant. Now I work as an Artists Manager for a top notch recording label in Dallas.
From Dallas, USA
When i got employed as a Secretary of A Music Company, the company registered me for a course in Music Business, which improved my understanding of the industry and the business environment and practice in the Music Industry. I have after then, taken another course in Music Law and both course has greatly impacted on my work value and my rapid promotion to Executive Director of Operations and Projects.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
As a content creator, the course in Voice Training, really set me up for the improved quality of my podcasts, which has led to a rise in my listenership..
Frank Jones
From Japan
At a time, when i decide to invest in the Music Industry, the Music Business course, really grounded my feet in the setting up of my Record Label..
Jack Brownn
From London, UK